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    Congratulations on taking your first step toward making your event a success!  I have encouraged contact on every other portion of the website and this page is no different!  Call, email, snail-mail, fill out a form, text, blog, send a message in a bottle... do something to let me know you're out there!  I'll be glad to help and answer your questions!

  If you're looking to get things rolling a step faster, why not instead use our Form to let me know of your event?  Just go below "Contact" to the "Form" Page link and send one in.

  I look forward to working with you to create a memorable event!


  Fullerton Photography LLC

   Doug Fullerton

   2162 N. Sheeran Dr.

   Milford, Michigan  48381

   Cell: (248) 787-1848

   Email:  doug (at) dfullertonphotography (dot) com


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We now also accept please call for details.

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